Xvox at Gamescom 2023

Last year we already reported on the impressive Xbox stand at gamescom.

Back then, we were impressed by the company’s commitment to sustainability, accessibility and inclusion. Of course, we were interested to see if this could be topped.

In 2023, Xbox was also represented at gamescom with an impressive stand that, in addition to excitement and many new games, also addressed the important topics mentioned above. Visitors to this year’s gamescom could look forward to the largest Xbox stand ever at the event. A total of 5000 square metres of stand space, a whopping 150 game stations, 30 playable new titles and a kind of cinema hall for 300 people, where Starfield content was presented throughout the event.

Gamescom Xbox

The games highlights included the aforementioned Starfield, Forza Motorsport and Ara: History Untold. In addition to the games, unique photo spots were offered that were perfectly coordinated with the games shown.

Accessibility was also at the heart of Xbox’s presence at the show this year. “When everybody plays we all win”: this was the motto the company had adopted in order to create an inclusive, barrier-free gaming world that was accessible to all.

Not only was care taken to ensure that the stand was easily accessible to all, but there were again special offers to meet the needs of all visitors.

Like last year, these included Xbox Adaptive Controllers, interpreters for various sign languages, sensory aids and even a quiet room to escape the hustle and bustle for a short time or spontaneously, to name but a few.

All these measures ensured that the unrestricted visit to the Xbox stand was safe, inclusive and possible for all visitors at all times.

Of course, all other exhibitors also ensured an inclusive offer and unrestricted access to their stands, but at Xbox – as in 2022 – the whole thing seemed completely normal and natural. Just as it should be.

And what else?

Away from the booth, Xbox Game Studios Publishing participated in Devcom, won the “Green Studio of the Year” award for their sustainable development tookit, realised a three-day livestream that was broadcast on 25 Xbox channels worldwide and invited 400 fans to a special FanFest After Hour event. In addition, Starfield was the opener of Opening Night Live.

As we’ve said elsewhere: Do wor jood wat loss en Kölle

We are delighted that gamescom ended so successfully this year and that gaming with all its niches and game types attracted so many visitors to the Rhine metropolis. After the exciting time on site, we are already planning our participation for 2024. Until then!

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