The Sims 4 will be a Free2Play game from today on!

Attention Sims fans!

As of today, Sims4 is considered a Free2Play game and can be played immediately and permanently for free. Electronic Arts announced this recently.

Die SIms 4 kostenlos Sims4 Free2Play

The Sims series started over 20 years ago on the PCs, consoles and smartphones of this world. One after the other, of course. The series quickly became an absolute classic and the antithesis to action-packed jump n run games and first-person shooters. The popular simulation has managed without violence over the years and has therefore sold more than 200 million copies worldwide.

The scope of the game grew steadily through thematic expansion packs. Subscribers to the EA Play service and EA Play Pro members can already access various additional packages.

How exactly the whole thing will be usable in the future will be revealed by Electronic Arts tonight on YouTube and Twitch.

It is clear that the company, similar to the already free The Sims Free2Play offshoots in the app stores, will continue to earn money through paid packs and sets. Because of course the company has nothing to give away.

However, this fact does not change the fact that The Sims4 will be available for free from now on. We will find out all further information tonight.