Sony surprisingly announces State of Play stream

Sony has a new State of Play stream scheduled for today (14.09.23) at 5pm ET on PlayStation platforms YouTube, Twitch and TikTok.

PS5 Playstation 5
In this stream, Sony promises “something for everyone.” This includes updates on important releases and information on the PS VR2. However, big reveals are not to be expected. Rather, the stream will focus on indie and third-party titles, as well as updates on previously announced games.

For those who can’t wait and are looking for more information beforehand, the Nintendo Direct Stream that will also take place might provide some clues. Although this stream focuses on the Nintendo Switch and doesn’t offer any information on the PlayStation flagships, chances are that some of the third-party announcements featured in Nintendo Direct will also show up in the Sony stream.

All in all, the State of Play will likely give us a glimpse of the games fans will be able to play on the upcoming PlayStation Portal streaming device this autumn.