New Countdown Option for Games Added to Xbox App on PC

The popular Xbox App on PC has been updated with an exciting new feature. In the latest wave of updates, which are regularly rolled out to enhance user experience, an intriguing function has been introduced.

The brand-new addition is a countdown timer that has been implemented for upcoming games. This feature is located on the overview page of each game and allows users to view the remaining time until the release. To illustrate this with the example of “Starfield”, the timer provides a precise display of the remaining days, hours, and minutes until the game’s official release.

Xbox App Countdown

Alongside this captivating countdown feature, several other enhancements have been made in the same update. These include performance optimizations aimed at providing a smoother overall gaming experience. Moreover, new sorting options for games have been integrated into the sidebar, facilitating navigation and management of the game library.

Another area that has benefited from this update is the download queue. Not only has its visual appearance been enhanced, but it has also been equipped with a more robust menu offering various installation options.

With this latest update, the Xbox App once again demonstrates its commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming service on PC. Gamers can look forward to improved performance, new features, and an overall smoother experience. Keep an eye out for the update and never miss the right moment to embark on your next gaming adventure!