New and slim PlayStation 5 coming soon?

And it continues with news from Sony Entertainment about a new version of the PlayStation 5 that could appear soon.

Rumours about a new version of the PlayStation 5 without an optical drive have been persistent for several months. According to various sources, Sony is actually working on two new editions of the console. One of them is a more powerful Pro model that could be launched at the end of 2024. The other model, reported by numerous leakers and insiders like Tom Henderson, is a slimmer variant of the PlayStation 5 that will come without an optical drive.

PS5 Playstation 5

It is speculated that this new model could be released as early as September this year and will be an option for gamers who do not need a physical drive. The previous PS5 versions are known to be quite large, the new version will reportedly be a bit slimmer.

An interesting clue was recently spotted on the UK Amazon website. The product listing for the PlayStation 5 has been changed from “PlayStation 5 Console” to “PlayStation 5 Standard Console”. This change could indicate that the official announcement or unveiling of the new model without an optical drive is imminent. It should be noted that the price of the console has been reduced by five British pounds in the wake of this update, but this could just be a side effect of the impending change.

Although there is still no official statement from Sony or Sony Interactive Entertainment on these rumours, the industry insider “Shpeshal Nick”, who is considered a reliable source, reported a few days ago that the announcement of the new PlayStation 5 model is to be made in August. Fans and interested parties are eagerly awaiting more information from Sony to finally get certainty about the existence and features of the new PS5 model.

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