Netflix: GTA release is a great success!

Netflix successfully entered the games industry at the end of last year with the licensing of “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy”. This move has proven to be a great success for the streaming service.

According to a report from, the availability of the GTA trilogy on Netflix Games has been a huge success for the company, with a remarkable 18 million subscribers having downloaded the action trilogy from Rockstar Games. These figures, which include both iOS and Android downloads, are based on data from Appmagic.

GTA Trilogy Netflix

The GTA trilogy, consisting of “Grand Theft Auto III”, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, was released on Netflix Games in December 2023. Since then, the download figures for these remakes of the old GTA classics have risen significantly and have given Netflix’s gaming division the boost it was hoping for.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in particular proved to be very popular with 11.6 million downloads on iOS and Android alone. According to Appmagic, this puts San Andreas at the top of the list of the most downloaded games on Netflix Games. Vice City” also enjoyed great popularity and is currently in 10th place.

The success of the GTA trilogy is particularly important for Netflix, as the streaming service’s previous mobile titles did not bring the hoped-for success despite high investments. The current success could motivate Netflix to continue its activities in the gaming sector.