London Police arrest GTA 6 and Uber hacker

The British police already managed to strike a big blow in the case of the leaked GTA 6 footage at the end of last week.

City of London Police

On Social Things, we already covered this topic in detail last week. Now a 17-year-old has been arrested by London police, allegedly in connection with the hacks of Uber – and Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games. The website The Desk reported that the teenager was detained on charges including conspiracy to attack at least two different computer systems. Unfortunately, nothing more is currently known about the situation.

As we reported earlier, the user “teapotuberhacker” had posted 90 videos of gameplay animations on GTA forums on September 18. The videos show more than 50 hours of footage and seem to confirm rumors about gameplay and other details, such as the first female single-player character and the game’s setting in a modern version of Vice City – a city that looks a lot like Miami.

We’ll stay tuned and of course keep you updated on the topic.