LEGO: Pac-Man-Arcade-Set

LEGO and Bandai Namco have announced an arcade set from the LEGO Icons series to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the arcade classic Pac-Man.

Lego Pac Man


The set consists of a replica of the Pac-Man machine that was popular worldwide in the 80s. It contains 2,615 building blocks and allows you to recreate some of the actions of the game. The set also includes brick versions of the Pac-Man, Blinky and Clyde characters that can be placed on a rotating platform. A special glow stone at the coin slot and a crank to simulate Pac-Man’s chases through the maze are meant to capture the arcade flair. However, it is not a functioning game. Additionally, a minifigure and a scaled-down arcade scene are included.

The Pac-Man arcade set will be released in the LEGO Store on 4 June 2023, while LEGO VIP members can already order it from 1 June. The price is 269.99 euros. Pac-Man is not the first video game to be turned into a LEGO set; there are already Minecraft, Sonic and Super Mario sets, as well as collector’s editions of Horizon: Forbidden West.