GTA Online: “The Contract” kommt!

We just reported on Social Things about the cooperation between Nike and the online game Roblox, but the next big thing is on the horizon with this new Grand Theft Auto V online story.

“The Contract” is the name of the new story and should be particularly exciting for music fans. Among other things, the story revolves around unreleased music by Dr. Dre. Since currently almost half of all 18 – 25 year old people in Germany feel somehow associated with the street and hip hop culture, the interest in this new “GTA Story” should be great.

Rockstar Games has published an official press release on 08.12.2021, in which the plot of “The Contract” is somewhat outlined. Franklin Clinton, one of the playable characters from the single-player campaign, has built up an agency business in Los Santos. What he needs now are business partners and prominent clients. In the game, his clientele is taken care of by none other than DJ Pooh, who worked on albums by Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and 2Pac back in the 90s. It’s clear that he also uses his connections to the big names in the business in the game, for example to Dr. Dre. But Dr. Dre has a completely different problem in the game: he’s lost his smartphone – which contains the “hottest content in town: Unreleased music.

Your mission now is to get the phone back – without the new music getting out to the public.

“The Contract” will be playable starting December 15. Of course, the update also comes with new vehicles, new weapons and new music. This includes the track “ETA” – a previously unreleased Dr. Dre song with features from Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Anderson .Paak.

We are really excited and looking forward to it. Here is the trailer for “The Contract”.