Game Changers: The Power of Gaming Influencers

According to a very comprehensive YouGov study called “Game Changers: The Power of Gaming Influencers,” only about a quarter of Germans follow any influencers, e.g. from the gaming, fashion or fitness sectors.


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This figure is well below the global average of 43 percent. 5 percent of Germans follow gaming influencers, compared to 9 percent worldwide. If you ask the fans and followers of these influencers to what extent they influence or even change their own consumer behavior, 44 percent of respondents say they trust the brand recommendations and brand mentions of online personalities. Globally, this figure is almost 60%. Followers from India (80%), Indonesia (77%) and the United Arab Emirates (76%) are most likely to trust brand recommendations from their own or international influencers.

Among followers of influencers from the gaming sector in Germany, 43 percent trust their statements and recommendations – a full 66 percent of gaming influencer followers here worldwide. These are just a few, but very interesting, data of the third part of the current YouGov e-sports study series “Game Changers“, which we have linked for you above.

The report by the international Data & Analytics Group looks across 17 international markets at why people around the world follow (gaming) influencers, what makes them attractive to advertisers and companies, and to what extent they are trustworthy to consumers.