Are there really 3 billion gamers worldwide?

There are a lot of statements circulating on the web about how many people in the world play computer or video games – in other words, are gamers. It is said that there are up to 3 billion of them.

More than a quarter or slightly less than a third of the world’s population are gamers – people who actively play computer or video games. Regardless of whether they are mobile or stationary, i.e. on a smartphone, tablet, console or PC. But are these figures really true?  How do they come about, and is everyone who plays a bit of Candy Crush at the bus stop or in the waiting room really the same as a young person sitting at a 3,000 euro gaming PC or in front of a Playstation 5?

3 Billion Milliarden Gamer

Jon Peddie also asks himself this question and takes a comprehensive look at the whole thing on his own site. Since we find the topic quite exciting and are interested in all opinions, we recommend Jon Peddie’s article to you.

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