Is Sony working on a Playstation 5 Pro?

The rumours about a possible Sony PlayStation 5 Pro version come at a (rather inopportune) moment, when the console market is just stabilising again after delivery problems and many users who had to wait a long time are currently looking for a new console.

Sony Playstation 5
Although there is no exact information about the functions and features of the potential PS5 Pro model, industry insiders assume that it will offer improved graphics, performance and speed. Sony may also be working on power consumption, an issue that cannot be ignored in this day and age either.

In any case, a recently filed patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on how to “speed up” the performance of ray tracing in video games. Ray tracing is an advanced method of light simulation in video games that allows for more realistic graphics. Improved ray tracing performance would thus provide users with an even better gaming experience.

It is likely, should the rumours prove true, that Sony could potentially reveal more information about the PS5 Pro at a PlayStation presentation before E3 this year. A release of a Sony PlayStation 5 Pro version would then not be conceivable before spring 2024.

Overall, all these rumours can be seen as an attempt by Sony to strengthen its position in the highly competitive console market and offer users an even better gaming experience now that the production and supply chains seem to be working again.

We are curious and will stay tuned.