Xbox Services recovering after two outages this weekend

Xbox users who wanted to do a little gaming over the weekend – after already experiencing massive problems on Friday – were thwarted again on Saturday after an outage that lasted nearly nine hours.

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Microsoft posted a tweet on Saturday confirming that some users were unable to purchase and launch games or join cloud gaming sessions. The service Downdetector recorded an increase in error messages around this time.

However, the advice given to some users looking for help to either switch to physical discs or play offline were also of limited help, as many Xbox owners either no longer have a drive and/or games on disc. As reported by The Verge magazine, even offline play didn’t work for some users.

Microsoft did release an update on Sunday stating that the problems were no longer occurring, but even after that Downdetector continued to record complaints about the issue. The use of streaming apps like Disney+ or Netflix was also reportedly limited or at times not possible at all.

An absolutely exhausting weekend for next-gen gamers. Let’s see if Xbox can quickly get its failures and obvious problems under control. After all, as you know, we have at least one new Xbox Series X owner here in the office.