Xbox: In-game advertising for free-to-play games?

As you could read over and over again in the last few days, Microsoft is allegedly preparing an option for in-game advertising for the free-to-play games for the Xbox.

So-called free-to-play games on Microsoft’s game console Xbox can be downloaded and played for free. However, gamers could soon be shown ads from advertisers. Business Insider (USA) recently reported on this. The report is based on information from several people who were able to report corresponding developments at Microsoft.


Microsoft Ingame Werbung Xbox


Apparently, rather subtle advertising measures are planned, such as ads on billboards or banners in a soccer or racing game. The report of the colleagues states that the advertising should not be placed too dominantly. Microsoft does not want to annoy players with too intrusive ads, but still wants to use all possibilities. In addition, no user data is to be passed on.

The first ads of this kind could be played out as early as the third quarter of 2022. The necessary technology should be in place by then. Then, useful tools will be available that will enable every game developer to plan for advertising during development. Currently, it is only possible to book advertising in Microsoft games via external services.

In mobile games, ads are widespread and mostly accepted by players. In contrast, advertising in console games is still something of a new territory. Here, it will probably be important to quickly exploit this lucrative market for oneself.

Microsoft has been expanding its share of the video games market for some time now. The Bethesda takeover in 2021 and the upcoming Activision Blizzard deal, which would make Microsoft the third-largest games provider in the world, will be a major step in this direction.