This is how much your original Playstation is worth today

How it all began: In the early 1990s, Sony and Nintendo planned a cooperation to develop a CD-based expansion for the – then very popular – Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The aim was to combine the SNES’s prevailing popularity with Sony’s latest technology. However, the partnership broke down, after which Nintendo collaborated with Philips to develop the CD-I system. Sony then decided to use the idea and design themselves, which led to the development of the first PlayStation.

Playstation, Sony

It was a great success and contributed to Sony playing a leading role in the gaming market for over 30 years. Today, there are still many different versions of the PlayStation console that are sought after by collectors and retro gamers. The value of a PlayStation depends on its condition, including the presence of packaging and accessories.

A used PlayStation without packaging and accessories in good condition can be sold on eBay for under 50 euros. However, if it is sold with original packaging and accessories, the price can rise to around 75 – 80 euros. However, a used PlayStation without packaging and accessories is not particularly sought after, as there are many other ways to play old games these days, such as emulators or modern consoles with backwards compatibility. Collectors and nostalgics are more willing to pay higher prices for consoles in very good condition or even unused.

An unused PlayStation in its original packaging can sell for up to 180 euros on eBay. If it has been appraised by a professional appraiser, the price can even be up to 800 euros. So if a PlayStation has been kept in very good condition since the 1990s, it may well represent a big profit.

There are also some rare variants of the original PlayStation console, including the PSOne, a more compact version of the console that was launched in 2000. Due to its popularity and the fact that there were also some special peripherals for it, a used PSOne can sell for around 50 euros, while an unused, original boxed PSOne can fetch up to 500 euros.

The Net Yaroze, for example, is a special black PlayStation that was never intended for public sale and was only sold to game developers in Japan.It is a very rare collector’s item and for those who own one, it can be worth selling. 1250 to 1500 euros are possible here. Depending on the condition.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska