World of Tanks: Mercenaries - Preview-Events



The Brief:

Introduce journalists, influencers and the World of Tanks community in France, Germany and the UK to the new console-exclusive World of Tanks: Mercenaries. Make absolutely clear that this is a different, outstanding game, not to be confused with the PC Version of WoT.


Found suitable locations in Paris, London and Berlin that match the edgy look of WoT: Mercenaries, furnish the locations in that style, ensuring that all consoles work smoothly with the beta version of the game installed and that the internet connection is fast enough to enable smooth multiplayer battles.

Invite key journalists, influencers and community members, providing them with interesting story angles and interview opportunities with Wargaming staff to guarantee quality coverage along GI / lifestyle and gaming media as well as stir up influencer recommendations and community sneak peaks.


Extensive coverage in all key online and print media across Germany, UK and France.

Successfully secured dedicated feature preview stories in key GI, SI, lifestyle and gaming media.

Influencer recommendations and the community involvement raised awareness in existing as well as new target groups.

Raised the overall interest for the soon to be released WoT: Mercenaries and made press as well as consumers aware of the USPs of the exclusive console version of WoT.

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