Arena of Valor


Tencent Games



Original Content Creation








With Arena of Valor, Tencent Games maintains a very successful MOBA game for mobile devices. For Tencent, Ranieri worked on building and expanding the community and engagement in the US.


To help Tencent with their goal, Ranieri used his influencer relations and social media expertise. To increase engagement and attract new fans to the game, Ranieri pitched appropriate micro-influencers using a grassroots approach to create exciting and fresh content that appealed to a close and loyal influencer community. In addition, social media efforts were used to reach out to the community via Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter to potentially engage new fans who have not played the game before. Creation and implementation of a corresponding content plan by Ranieri (from meme series to Let’s Play videos).


Building new influencer relationships, expanding reach to new communities via micro-influencers, creating dozens of new content posts to activate new fans and engage with new communities (e.g., up to 372% increase in Facebook followers in the last two months of the project alone).

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