NIKELAND: Nike cooperates with Roblox

We think it’s exciting when companies from different genres meet and do business together, even though they share a common target group, but otherwise have nothing to do with each other – at least at first glance. In this case, the world’s biggest sports brand has discovered a video game and its possibilities. As I said, exciting!

NIKELAND Roblox Nike

A new place for Nike fans to connect, create, and share experiences recently launched on Roblox: NIKELAND. Nike created this custom world against the backdrop of its global headquarters and within the 3D cosmos of Roblox, with the goal of transforming sport and play into a lifestyle. Here are some things to know about NIKELAND on Roblox.

The Nike WHQ becomes “NIKELAND,” a place where competition and creativity abound for all. The buildings and areas in NIKELAND are modeled after the real Nike headquarters and feature detailed arenas where the Roblox community can test their skills in various mini-games. For starters, visitors can participate with their friends in games like tag, the floor is lava and dodgeball. However, there are no limits to creativity. With the NIKELAND toolkit, visitors can easily build their own mini-games. Something Roblox is known and loved for.

If you thought that this sports thing in NIKELAND was going to be fully digital, we can reassure you. NIKELAND encourages its visitors to be more active at all corners. That’s because visitors to this new digital sports world can use the accelerometers in their mobile devices to transfer offline movements to the online game. The possibilities are enormous and the limits – according to Nike – are far-reaching.

NIKELAND Roblox Nike

But nothing goes without an avatar, which you can design as you like. Not even in NIKELAND. That’s why you have the opportunity to equip your own avatar with special Nike products in a digital showroom and change them again and again. An example? How about an official Roblox colorway of the Mercurial soccer shoe when you show up for your next game in NIKELAND? Or maybe you’d prefer an Air Force 1 or a Nike Blazer? You can even add the Air Max 2021 to your outfits. They can all be found in this digital showroom, along with a variety of products from other Nike product lines, like ACG and Nike Tech Pack.

NIKELAND can be visited and experienced by anyone for free on Roblox. No one should be denied access to this sports social environment. In NIKELAND, the creativity of each visitor is supported or fueled. Players are rewarded with ribbons and medals as they compete in yards, build and explore their own areas, and find small gifts. Blue ribbons also give you building materials for the Yards – and medals unlock virtual products for your avatar.

See you there?