Newzoo: PC & Console Gaming Report 2023

Newszoo has published the PC & Console Gaming Report 2023, which is now available free of charge on the colleagues’ website.

Newzoo Pc Console Gaming Report
We have briefly summarised the most important findings and facts from the very extensive download here:

– The market for PC and console games was characterised by a variety of trends and events in 2022. Total revenue was $92.3 billion, down 2.2% from the previous year. This is possibly due to a cooling of the market after the pandemic-related increase. Nevertheless, total sales exceeded previous forecasts.

– Average play time on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation has decreased by 23% between 2021 and 2022. However, this is seen as a necessary step to bring the market back to pre-pandemic levels. However, there are still many opportunities to reach the more than one billion PC gamers and 611 million console gamers.

– Because of the pandemic, many companies have delayed their major releases from 2022 to at least 2023. However, these delays have had a significant impact on game time and spending. The 2023 release calendar, however, is bulging with big titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of a Kingdom.

– More and more AAA and AA publishers are moving their major franchises to service and subscription models. This is mainly due to the success of games like Fortnite, Minecraft and ROBLOX.

– Remakes and remasters have increased interest in older IPs, but 2022 was also a turning point for transmedia strategies. The HBO adaptation of The Last of Us was a huge success and accelerated sales of the game. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, based on the controversial title, also significantly increased the brand’s popularity.

– Women now make up 40% of the player base. Two out of three gamers have played on a PC or console in the last six months and 72% of PC and/or console gamers have used at least two platforms.

– It is important to understand the different types of players and their behaviour. In the last six months, 66% of PC and/or console gamers have spent money on video games. However, there are many ways to define a gamer and different segmentation models reveal unique behaviours and motivations.

We highly recommend reading Newzoo’s PC & Console Gaming Report 2023 due to the rapid evolution and enormous size of the PC and console gaming market.

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