How to convert your Game Boy Advance into a tv console

If you still own an original Game Boy Advance with an unlit screen lying around in a drawer, this might be just the thing for you.

With this DIY kit, you can turn the classic Nintendo console with the lousy display into a standalone console with TV connection, HDMI and Bluetooth for wireless controllers. Even if you don’t know anything about electrical engineering.

The Game Boy Advance remains undisputedly one of the best video game platforms of all time. The little handheld was essentially a more powerful version of the Super Nintendo and featured some of the best 16-bit games of the time, including numerous ports from other systems. But the GBA came with an unlit screen that you could barely see anything on unless you played outside in the sun or got one of those unspeakably ugly lamps for it. Even Nintendo eventually realized the mistake and released other versions of the Game Boy Advance with much improved screens, including the excellent Game Boy Micro.


Nintendo Game Boy Advance Kit Kickstarter


As a result, there are undoubtedly millions of Game Boy Advance consoles still lying around unused somewhere. There are many ways to fix the shortcomings of the first GBA mentioned here , such as a screen swap and other upgrades that gave the device video-out ports. But none of these hacks are as cool and easy to use as the GBA HDMI Kit from IntecGaming.

The kit is essentially a compact console that features a custom and cleverly designed motherboard with HDMI and analog video outputs, power via a USB-C port, and a classic SNES controller port on the front. Only the electronic parts needed to play Game Boy Advance games are missing. IntecGaming’s solution, therefore, is for owners of the GBA to simply transplant the inner workings of the Nintendo handheld into the new case.

Now that sounds difficult and unfeasible to you?  Don’t worry, because IntecGaming’s kit already provides all the necessary connections to the guts of the GBA, with the exception of a single ribbon cable that is as easy to connect as a USB cable. That’s about it. The kit includes everything needed for the transplant, including a special screwdriver, as well as an additional circuit board that can be inserted into an empty GBA case to turn it into a compatible gamepad. However, the resulting console can also be used with various third-party wireless controllers. All you need now are the original game cartridges.


Nintendo Game Boy Advance Kit Kickstarter


The kit is really a great and easy way to revive your old console, especially if it still has the old screen. Delivery to supporters of the currently running Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for July 2022. Working kits have already been sent to theverse YouTubers and influencers, which gives hope that this deadline can be met. But with Corona and the war in Ukraine still an issue, you should still allow some time for delivery if you want to order the kit.

Here is more information on Kickstarter.