Angry Birds: Rescue mission in Minecraft

Do you remember Angry Birds?

About 10 years ago, there were few people on this planet who didn’t try to help little colorful birds and kill egg-stealing pigs.

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After several parts of the game, updates, expansions and a motion picture, interest in the game ebbed a bit, but apparently always remained constant. Because the Angry Birds were never really gone. Yesterday, the makers of Minecraft and publisher Rovio announced the return of the angry birds – with their own world, in Minecraft.

So let’s summarize: They’re angry, funny, and they’ve had their eggs stolen once again! In Minecraft, the Birds want to get them back from the nasty green pigs. Just like in the various games before. The new adventure map is now available for 1340 coins on the Minecraft marketplace. In various missions, you take control of Red, Chuck, Bomb and their other feathered colleagues and try – in addition to the eggs – to save your friends. If you save one of your friends in the game, you unlock him as a playable character, who can then support you with his unique abilities.

Here is the trailer. The whole thing has been implemented really nicely.